A need of logo copyright

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Logo is a very essential thing in the company's brand building and to provide it a unique image. Every company owns exclusive rights for its logo and it wants that no one should use that logo so the copyright is needed for that purpose. After the copyright no other company or the person can use the logo other than the owner.

It is very essential to protect the logo in this era of high competition. If someone copies your logo and company name that means you will lose your business so it is very much needed to safeguard the logo. This is the first need of good business. Registration of logo protects your brand name and its identity from the misuse of it by other people.

Normally people have idea that trademark protection and copyright protection is a similar thing but in reality both are different things.  Trademark protection covers logo of the company and the slogan while copyright protection secures brand identity so both are equally needed to protect your company name and its brand plus image.

There are few standards for the copyright of logo as per the rules of US copyright act. Logos with very common symbols or with the little variation in the common symbols are not covered under that. Also they cover the symbols which are in need of paternity.  Common symbol logo with variable font is also not covered under the copyright act.

It is very necessary that you need a logo which is unique so you can register it for the copyright and you can safeguard against piracy. Few companies use the readymade logos from free online source but that is a bad idea as it's a common logo so again the copyright problem will arise.

Also think of few precautions to save your logo from being copied. Also add the special features in the website and on the logo that no one can copy that image online and also write that on the image that the use of image is subject to copyright so it will give protection up to some extent. That will also minimize the misuse of your logo image. Sometimes few people use the images purposelessly for the personal use so this kind of warning will minimize that use also.

Those companies which are a joint venture or a partnership company at that time clear the terms of the usage of logo for the future. If a partner starts his own business or a different company than what are the terms of the usage of the logo in the future so it will avoid the many problems in the future.
Also keep proofs of your logo design so it will help in the future if someone tries to copy and some legal issue will arise. Thus, these are few tips to save your logo from being copied.

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A need of logo copyright

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This article was published on 2010/10/04