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Why it makes the difference

If you type ‘corporate logos’ into Google Images, your screen will be flooded with hundreds of instantly recognisable symbols and without a second thought you’ll find the company names running through your mind.  Just think of some of the most iconic business logos of our time – the Golden Arches of McDonalds, the Nike Swoosh, the Coca-Cola logotype – these images are know all over the world and transcend both language and culture.

Why bother with a business logo?

In tandem with your company name, your logo will act as the primary identifier of your business.  It can be used on packaging and products, on your website and across all your marketing material, on signage and advertising – in fact, anywhere where your company has a presence.  It’s more than convenient shorthand for your company name: it acts as a message in its own right.  And if you get your business logo design spot on, it can carry a strong marketing message to a global audience without the need for translation, reinforcing your company story over time and across national boundaries.

The ultimate branding tool

A good marketing campaign will associate your company name and your products with your logo to create a brand identity.  Once the logo has become implanted in your customers’ minds, then any product bearing that logo will stand out from the competition.  The use of a logo to create brand identity is particularly important if your product does not benefit from a clearly distinctive look.  For example, washing powder or baked beans or a teabag all look pretty similar once they are out of their packaging (although they may perform or taste quite differently), so a strong logo will help consumers differentiate your product from the rest.  And a strong logo linked to a quality marketing campaign will position your product as superior to the others.  This powerful synergy between your corporate logo, your branding and the perception of your product in customers’ eyes cannot be underestimated, so getting you corporate logo design just right is something worth spending both time and money on.

Additional logo benefits

A cleverly designed logo will speak volumes and you would be surprised how much emotional content a good logo designer can incorporate into a simple, minimalist symbol.  Compare the logos of companies that market to children with those that target say, businessmen.  The logos for children’s products tend to be brightly coloured and feature cheerful cartoon characters.  Companies targeting the corporate world, on the other hand, tend to favour blues and greys, going for hi-tech, abstract looking images.  If a company wants to promote its environmental credentials it will often select a green logo, perhaps featuring leaves, while travel companies favour globes or logos that imply movement.

Corporate logo design

Naturally, it’s not as easy as it looks to distil a large and complex corporation into a clean and simple logo that speaks volumes about your mission and your message.  In fact, it’s a job that requires skill and experience and is probably one of the hardest tasks a graphic designer ever faces.  For this reason, if you’re serious about getting the best from your business logo, it makes sense to employ the services of a specialist logo designer – after all, a good logo will act as the kicking off point for all of your marketing and advertising activities.  And if you get it right, it will work for you in every sphere of your business activity for many years to come.

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This article was published on 2012/11/23