Tips in Making Great Letterheads

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Starting your own business requires you to create presentation materials, such as stationery and mailing envelopes. For your business, it is only natural that you get to keep in touch with individuals, groups, or companies through letter sending. Thus, having a stack of stationery and mailing envelopes prove handy. If you are going to send countless of letters that promote your products and services to your demographic, prepare your own mailing materials. You can always get professional services, so you will be ensured that you will be provided with quality prints. If you have an in-house design team, that would be better. They can take care of the design and you only have to look for a commercial printer in your area.

But before we proceed with the guidelines in finding a commercial printer, you may want to know first a primary component of stationery.

If you notice, every letter offered by big companies or even local stores have letterheads. These letterheads are found on the topmost portion of the letter papers. Usually, these letterheads consist of the name as well as address of the business or company and the corporate logo or design. Sometimes, these letterheads contain a background as well as include the contact information of the company. These include the phone numbers, email address, and the website. In countries, such as England, there are rules with regards to the items included on the letterheads. For example, letterheads may have to include the names of directors.

Most of the time, letterheads are created using offset printers which provided businessmen a cost efficient way in producing these materials in bulk. However, if you can spare some of your time, you can prepare your own letterheads with the help of graphic designers or own your own.

Printing letterheads is an important marketing tool, too. If you are just starting out in the industry, it pays to promote your corporate branding by making your logo visible. By using letterheads for direct marketing, you can make your readers become your clients and customers.

If you want to know about some tips and techniques in making your own letterheads, here are some pointers:

-  Make sure that you have high quality logo. For your corporate branding to be established, your logo must be able to get people's attention and their interest. Your logo must be able to sell what you have to offer. Brainstorm with your design team how you can make your logo a stand out. Get the suggestions of other people in order to improve its appearance.
-  Take advantage of color printing. Colors evoke different human emotions, so it is best that you have these letterheads in full color. Of course, you can always have these printed in black and white, but the results may not be as effective. Study the colors you will use for your letterheads. Earth colors, such as blue and green, are cool colors, perfect if your products or services are for health and rejuvenation.

For printing, you can avail of the services of local printers. You can also take advantage of those online printing services. When you have yet to decide on commercial printer, always consider price and quality. Check the printer's registry, if you are going to pay online, if it is safe and secure. Also, do not forget to read reviews from customers as well as industry experts.

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Tips in Making Great Letterheads

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This article was published on 2011/01/03