Towards Better Custom Logo Design

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In todays world every product is trying to gain space in minds of consumers. Due to advent of new products and services every second day it becomes difficult for brand managers and marketers to craft a new space for their own product. When it comes to grabbing space in minds of consumers product logo plays a very important role. Logo should be such that within fraction of seconds it will make consumers recall the product or service to which it belongs. Logo should be meaningful and distinct. Logo also helps a lot into brand building activity and many times product becomes popular coz of logo only. Before going ahead for a new logo following things should be kept in mind.

Hire the Best:

It is safer to hire an agency or a logo designer who have experience in designing Logos for different companies. Always look at their past work and then arrive at decision whether they will be good for the assignment or not. Try avoiding free lancers who design logos for hobby.

Market Research and Consumer Behavior:

Before finalizing the logo you need to be aware of the product, its targeted market and the nature of target market. Detailed study should be done regarding their outlook on the product and the vertical or product range to which product belongs. Different segments like Electronics, Automobiles, Toys, Conglomerates, medical services etc have logos that are designed considering their domain. The color and detailing is also finalized depending on the target market. The best way to understand market is to study the logo of competitors or the companies that are in same segment. Try to understand if there is any pattern involved in it. If any pattern is involved then think whether you should design logo according to the pattern or make something new and innovative.


After the research is done then finalize the type of logo i.e. whether logo should be a word, a picture, tag line or something totally different. It should be different and should stand out in crowd of logos. Also it should be easily reproducible. It should not be such that people will mistake your product for some other existing product by looking at the logo. If logo is made for a group or conglomerate then tries to design it in such a manner so that it can capture the group philosophy or the vision and mission of organization that it represents.

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Towards Better Custom Logo Design

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This article was published on 2010/10/28